Tailored solutions for your individual needs

  • Software (SaaS) with automated workflows
  • Multiple testing devices
    • NightOwl Mini
    • ApneaLink Air
    • Alice NightOne
    • Sleep Profiler PSG2
  • Logistics to/from patient’s home
  • 24/7 Patient technical support
  • Physician interpretations

Over 6 million patients tested

The HSAT PRO software was built using the same technology and functionality as the proprietary platform VirtuOx uses to manage its own HSAT operations. This includes operational workflows, dashboards and reporting tools, a physician interpretation portal, and more.

DocViaWeb™ is a sleep telemedicine platform that enables patients to schedule an appointment and connect with Board Certified sleep physicians in all 50 states through a HIPAA secure video connection.

Not every overnight pulse oximetry test needs to be uploaded to an IDTF for oxygen qualification purposes.

PROFOX was first released in 1987 and continues to remain the "gold standard" for oximetry test reporting and analysis. It now supports over 100 different pulse oximeters and capnographs, making it the most widely used pulse oximetry reporting software in the industry. PROFOX is primarily used by hospitals, healthcare facilities, and other healthcare providers that prefer an oximetry software that is local rather than web based, for internal security reasons.

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition is a web-based application hosted by VirtuOx. HIPAA protected data is backed up daily on their secure servers and can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection. Office Plus requires no prescription or patient Assignment of Benefit forms, as these tests are not billed by VirtuOx to the patient or payer.