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Welcome to the VirtuOx Physician Page

VirtuOx, Inc. is a medical technology services company that provides diagnostic tools and services that enable a variety of healthcare organizations and professionals to diagnose and treat Respiratory diseases through vertically integrated platforms, products and services.

VirtuOx platforms include:

  • Diagnostic Testing Division, Medicare approved Joint Commission Accredited Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF) that serves the entire USA
  • Overnight Oximetry Division, Web-based software solutions developed for: Oxygen Suppliers, Physician Offices, Hospitals, Dentists and Patients.
  • Home Sleep Testing Division, VirtuOx has several unique HST models to assist physicians to diagnose Sleep Apnea; VirtuOx Laboratory Performed and several Outsourced HST Models.
  • Medical Device Division, cost effective vertically integrated Oximeters: Finger Tip, Hand Held / Wrist Worn Overnight Oximeters, Table Top Oximeters, Generic Re-usable / disposable probes for all major brand names.
  • Telemedicine Division, cost effective Cellular and Bluetooth Overnight Oximeters for real time review.

If you are a Board Certified Sleep Physician and would like to be credentialed with VirtuOx, please contact us.

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